One, two, ready, play!

“Hot Cross Buns – Sing it. Play it. LIVE IT!”

3rd grade student at Coonley Elementary, Chicago, IL

Harmonica Orchestra is an online music curriculum which supports general education teachers, many of whom have limited music experience themselves, in developing an empowered musical community in their classroom.

Harmonica Orchestra utilizes the accessibility of the harmonica to promote students’ social-emotional development while engaging with deep musical concepts. This combination creates a community where students uncover the value of formal and more informal music-making experiences. They have ownership of their own music, which builds strong musical arts participation as students grow through advanced grades.

You can learn more about the Harmonica Orchestra by

  • checking out the quick Introduction video on the right.
  • visiting the What Does the Orchestra Look and Sound Like? page for a short video explaining the teaching methods, and for samples of Harmonica Orchestra rehearsals.
  • visiting the Orchestra FAQ page for a more detailed description of how the Harmonica Orchestra program works on a day-to-day basis, how the program can easily be customized to fit your needs, and why harmonica is such an exciting instrument to introduce to your school.

In addition, visit to learn more about Harmonica Orchestra Director, Jason McInnes.

Send a note to if you have questions or would like to bring the Harmonica Orchestra to your grade school or community organization.

We look forward to play some music with you very soon!