About Jason

Photo of Jason McInnes with a guitar

“Jason made me feel like I can sing my soul!”

Alyssa, 3rd grade

For over 20 years, Jason McInnes has been empowering people to raise their own musical voices.  In addition to the Harmonica Orchestra, he leads songwriting classes in elementary schools and is the Music Director of Basketball in the Barrio, a sports and arts camp in El Paso, TX.  Jason’s performances and workshops have taken him from bedsides at children’s hospitals, to sitting with legends like Ella Jenkins and all the way to festival stages across the US and México and England.

More about Jason


Young Stracke All-Stars – For 11 years, Jason led this group of youth musicians.


Story Songs Program – These songs from Hibbard Elementary are one example Jason’s songwriting residencies.

Story Songs at Hibbard Elementary on soundcloud.com

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