Look & Sound?

These videos demonstrate the major aspects of the Harmonica Orchestra Programs.

Introduction for Teachers and Administrators
This introduction for teachers and administrators demonstrates the teaching in the Harmonica Orchestra videos. (5 minutes)
Rehearsal #6 of 10
Rehearsal 6 focuses on reading and playing rhythms and introducing the song Frère Jacques (27 min.)
Excerpt from Rehearsal #5 – The Gift of Music
“The Gift of Music” – Example of the philosophy that gives shape the the Harmonica Orchestra. This is an excerpt from Rehearsal #5. (5 minutes)
Frère Jacques Play Along
Play Along video for Frère Jacques. This video accompanies the Rehearsal #6 video. Each rehearsal is paired with at least one Play Along video, enabling students who have had the lesson to focus on practicing the songs.

Jason has been leading harmonica residencies at public schools for over 10 years. Here are a couple videos that parents shared of past performances at Coonley Elementary, Chicago, IL

4 classrooms (100+ students) singing and playing the Harmonica Orchestra favorite, Hot Cross Buns.
Check out these 2nd grades playing Jingle Bells at about 3:53.

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